Celeste 2

Celeste 2

by CocoaNuts

Bluetooth file sharing
for iOS, totally integrated.

The long awaited update pushes iOS integration to a new level.

Celeste 2 not only works with any Bluetooth transfer-capable device, and integrates perfectly with your built-in iOS applications, it also uses the original iOS Bluetooth stack.

Keep listening to your music via Bluetooth or stay tethered to another device while sending and receiving songs, photos, contacts, Dropbox, and more.

More than magic.

Celeste 2 is available in Cydia.
Song Sharing in iPod.app

Celeste 2 puts the sharing you've always wanted in all the right places.

Celeste Preview on YouTube

Watch a video preview of Celeste 2 in action.

Receiving a media file

Receive a media file from a friend one instant, play it in iPod the next.